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You recently joined the fight at savemedicare.org (probably in November/December).

I created savemedicare.org because I was concerned that

  • The information published in the main stream media is often shallow and at times ignores key health care issues
  • Growing inequality is reducing Australia’s future growth (and creating worse social issues).
    The OECD* and other international bodies state that inequality reduces growth and the OECD’s recommendations include “increasing access to public services such as high quality healthcare” to reduce inequality and to enable the “bottom 40% of income earners” to contribute more to a nation’s future.
  • Most OECD* countries believe taxpayer funded universal health care is the most efficient means of delivering health care but Australia is moving to inefficient, US style, heavily privatised, two tier health care ie more expensive delivering worse health outcomes.

While some politicians talk endlessly about growing GDP, Australia’s reality is that

  • disposable income per capita has been dropping since about 2011
  • 17.6% of the workforce don’t have enough work.

We cannot be complacent or the OECD’s “bottom 40%” will be left further behind.

We face a large challenge, to save and strengthen the provision of taxpayer funded high quality universal health care which will better support lower income citizens and families who will underpin a better future for Australia.

Federal parliament resumes soon giving us a better opportunity to campaign among our friends and community, and to others.

Mark Rogers



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* OECD: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (35 member countries)