Modern Western journalism focuses on profit, sensationalism and at times performs only shallow analysis, while important facts and detailed analysis are not properly presented to the public.

Hence myths and political spin sway the outcome of elections while the future direction of health care is not properly discussed or the options fully understood.

This web site was created in 2014 to

  • provide a collection of information that generally has not been effectively published, or has been quickly submerged before the public can absorb it.
  • provide links to people and organisations for further information/action.

Savemedicare.org is owned by its Editor and not by any political party or union organisation.

In November 2016 the Federal government attacked savemedicare.org with a demand that the domain name be released amongst other demands, within 48 hours, or face legal action including claims for costs and damages.

Fortunately media attention, including a support petition and thousands of new site visitors led to the government backing down.

Savemedicare.org’s subscriber list grew many fold and the site now campaigns more proactively, for example,the letter campaign addressing the NSW government’s abdication of responsibility for 24/7 registered nurses in high care nursing homes.

Mark Rogers