RALLY Saturday February 20th, 1PM, Sydney Town Hall

THESE CUTS ARE KILLING US: End Healthcare Austerity


The Turnbull Government is reducing funding for pathology tests – this could lead to payments of at least $30 for pap smears, and urine and blood tests.The Federal Government’s efforts to save $650 million will put lives at risk.

Cuts to bulk-billing for pathology services will affect MRIs, x-rays, blood and urine tests, ultrasounds and pap-smears.The cuts are particularly harmful for women, people with a disability, working class and poor people, and anybody with chronic health issues.
This means pap smears, blood and urine tests, MRIs and X-Rays are all unlikely to be bulk-billed.
This would cost some patients hundreds of dollars in up-front fees, which the Medicare rebate would only partially cover.
For example, currently the Medicare rebate for cytology tests for cancer ranges from around $20 to $220. If these aren’t bulk billed then the patient has to pay an amount equal to the whole of the Medicare rebate plus however much extra the pathology provider decides to charge, and can only claim back the rebate afterwards.
People who need multiple tests will have to pay the fee each time.
This rebate is only available to providers if they bulk bill and there is no cap on how much providers are allowed to charge once they stop bulk billing.

The continuing Medicare rebate freeze will be the equivalent of charging an additional $8.43 copayment per non-concessional patient consultation in 2017/2018 dollars.
The rebate freeze is pressuring GPs, Optometrists, Physiotherapists and other health professionals to charge more and to abandon bulk billing.

The government is talking about privatising the delivery of Medicare rebates.
The privatisation of public service delivery will mean taxpayer money going into the pockets of private providers for worse service after profits are extracted.
Your confidential information will be in the hands of profit driven companies and possibly held overseas.

The Federal government has cut $50 billion out of grants for hospitals. State governments cannot easily replace this funding.

Join the Save Medicare contingent on 20th February in Sydney to fight for a well-funded public and universal health system, paid for through progressive taxation. This is not only the most equitable way to fund primary healthcare, it is also the most effective and efficient.

Sign the #thesecutsarekillingus petition here: www.change.org/thesecuts

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