Govt health expenditure greater than Spain, less than Croatia

The European Union’s  general government expenditure on health was 7.2% of GDP in 2015.

Australia’s government expenditure on health was 6.4% of GDP (in 2013/2014).  That puts Australian government spending higher than Spain but less than Croatia as a percentage of GDP.


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Australia’s government health expenditure is derived from Australian Institute of Health and Welfare “Australia’s Health 2016”.

Note this document adds in individual and private health insurance expenditure to claim Australia’s expenditure at 9.4% as near to the OECD average of 9.3%.

In Australia’s case the public directly pay 18%.

Private insurance, pays 8.4% of health expenditure, much of which could be significantly cheaper if provided through Medicare.  The public of course pay premiums to fund this expenditure plus profits, advertising etc.

Its not clear where highly privatised dental is accounted for.