Family GPs to Subsidise Pathology Giants’ Profits

Australia’s Pathology industry is dominated by a few big players.

The government is moving forward with plans to introduce rent control to protect Pathology companies ie pathology collection centres located in general practices and other medical facilities.

“….saving pathology companies around $150 million a year, with most of this money being taken out of general practice.

GPs are already heavily burdened by a range of funding cuts….”

external link AMA Demads Fair Go for GPs with Pathology

16th May 2016

“..the Coalition’s announcement of a backroom deal to cap rent will create further strain on the ability of general practice to keep their doors open and provide patient services.

“…create an anti-competitive environment, where multi-national corporations who make hundreds of millions of profit each year are propped up, while GPs running small businesses lose funding.

Royal Australian College of GPs

16th Feb 2016

“Since deregulation the number of pathology collection centres has more than doubled from 2500 to more than 5000.

“It’s a substantial cost burden.

“The number of collection rooms has gone well beyond what would be regarded as reasonable access.

“…..There is “a degree of hypocrisy” in pathology companies complaining about the problem they created